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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Muffins, Mila, MaryEllen and Meltdowns.

Me and my Mila (the only person that I trust to make me a coffee).
Latte, Morning Glory Muffin.
I don't really like muffins, but Who's on 1st's Glorious Morning muffin is outstanding. 

I don't care how shitty or sad your day may be, there is a remedy that will brighten your day- guaranteed.

 Who's on 1st Cafe + Mila + Mila's perfectly constructed latte = A beautiful day. 

My alarm went off at 6am...with the intention to surf. But I just couldn't get out of bed. It wasn't being tired as much as it was just being fucking overwhelmingly exhausted, in every way, shape and form. I slept until my second alarm at 7:45am. I laid in bed for 20minutes, wishing that I could sleep for a month and wake up refreshed, happy. Alas, I had to teach yoga so I figured I could jet over to 1st to see Mila and maybe a hug and a latte from her would fill me up with what I needed. It worked, of course, and gave me the fuel that I needed to lead a class.

Well, I guess that as soon as class was over my energy faded a bit, and my Yoga Momma - MaryEllen wasn't fooled. Backstory: MaryEllen has been coming to my classes at the Zen Den since day one. I have about 10 hard-core-kickass-love-them-to-death-yoginis that rarely, if ever, miss a class. MaryEllen is one of these special few, and in my mind I have referred to her as my YogaMomma. She's near in age to my mother, and is very nurturing. Her husband is one of the super-brains at HUP and throughout the summer she has offered up anything that we could need - whether its just an "in" in the hospital, medical advice or just an honest opinion. Today, she offered up what I needed most - a hug (and let me tell you, she is a professional hugger. Like her body was made to give hugs. All-encompassing, warm, loving hugs). She just said that I looked a bit stressed and sad and figured I could use a hug. Poor MaryEllen, I had a meltdown in her arms and she just kept giving me that freaking amazing hug that she gives. Mair: I know you read this, thank you. I love you.

Home now. Hanging with Mom, Dad and Nelly. Trying not to 'possess' and control the moment, but to ENJOY it (this was the theme of todays class). Just ate a homemade falafel wrap (recipe coming soon) that was fucking kick ass and feeling better. Thank you to everyone who lifts me up !!


Possess (v) : to have and hold as property; to enter into and control firmly

We want to possess: feelings, thoughts, relationships (family, friends, lovers).

Osho "The Book: An Introduction to the Teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Series II I to Q"
"Don't possess, don't become owners of the persons or things; just use them as gifts of the universe. And when they are available, use them; when they are not available, enjoy the freedom. When you have something, enjoy it; when you don't have something, enjoy not having it - that too has it's own beauty. 

If you have a palace to live in, enjoy it! If you don't have one, they enjoy a hut and the hut becomes a palace. It is the enjoyment that makes the difference. Then live under a tree and enjoy it. Don't miss the tree and the flowers and the freedom and the birds and the air and the sun. And when you are in a palace don't miss it - enjoy the marble and the chandeliers...

Go on enjoying wherever you are, and don't possess anything. Nothing belongs to us. We come empty-handed into the world and we go empty-handed. The world is a gift, so enjoy it while it is there. And remember, the universe always gives you that which you need."

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