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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Dads birthday, Many moons ago.... man have we had some good times!

I had to pick up some things from the ShopRite today, and figured that it would also be a good time to grab a card for my Dad's upcoming birthday. We celebrate his 56 amazing years this Saturday, August 11th. I have been a bit emotional lately and have been having a tough time with his declining health, so I don't know why I was so caught-off-guard in the Hallmark section of the supermarket. As I read the cards, trying to find the perfect one, I began to sob like a baby. At first just gentle tears, and then full blown sobs. Thankfully I found the 'perfect' card right away and was able to sop-up my mess and head for home. All of the cards read something like "I know that I don't ever tell you...", or "Maybe I don't tell you enough"...well DAMNIT, you should tell [them] Every.Single.Day. Tell the people that you care about how much you love them, on a daily basis. Tell the people you love how much you appreciate them, all the time. Each day is blessing, and I am grateful that we have gotten this long with my Dad. Saturday is going to be one hell of a party for the greatest man I've ever known....
Dad's 54th birthday...just a few months after his diagnosis - post chemo and radiation. This was a few months before he had to start wearing the patch -- I love those blue eyes <3 br="br">
Mom, Dad and Me.

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