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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Funday

Well...Friday night I had to take a bunch of Benadryl. I managed to rally for my powerful vinyasa class the next morning, but as soon as I got home I took more Benadryl and the day was kind of a wash. Well - there was SOME excitement. I went out for lunch with my parents, kinda in a benadryl-haze, when my Dad proclaimed that my mom spilled coffee all over the place upstairs because she knocked it off the bedstand when they were having sex. I was crying because the laughter was so hard, my cheeks were red with embarrassment and I just kept trying to say "Dad, thats enough!!". God bless them...though I find it totally disturbing. 30 years together and a failing body and my Dad still loves to "Diddle" *Yes, embarrassingly enough, this is what he refers to it as. So, after all of THAT excitement, I came home and crashed again. I had plans to go see my friends band play but I simply wasn't up for it. Woke up yesterday with yet another Benadryl hangover and still some itching around my arms and neck. What to do, what to do? I messaged Kylee about going to see a movie, but I couldn't decide which one. Wanderlust @ 11am at Franks theatres on Tilton road, or The Grey @ 1:45pm at Tilton9 theatres on Tilton road? WHY NOT BOTH? I have to say, both movies were AMAZING. Wanderlust was hysterical, about a young couple who has had to make some major changes and somehow ends up in a free-love, hippy commune. It was awesome. After scouring all of northfield for a coffee shop (there are none, by the way) we ended up at McDonalds at their McCafe for Lattes. Kylee threatened to take a picture of me walking into the dreaded McD's, so I figure I'd better admit it upfront. The lattes were actually pretty damn delicious, and I've heard from some fellow foodies that they are actually using Newmans Own Organic beans...? I'll pretend that's fact. After our coffee we made our way to the Tilton 9 for the thrilling, intense new Liam Neeson (*SIGH* ilovehimsomuchitsborderlineedwardcullen) film THE GREY. This is about a broken man taking a job on in Alaska, working with the lowest of lows at an oil refinery. The plane thats taking them back to Anchorage goes down and it's about their journey trying to make it out of the most wicked of conditions, being stalked by wolves. Holy shitballs. I literally sat on the edge of my seat the whole movie.

And now, why let Sunday Funday end there? We headed to the Tilton Bar next for some late afternoon pints of Guinness. Our friend Joe joined us, I left my number for the cute guy who was sitting two down from me - who left when I was playing pool, and then my friend Pam joined as well. Joe went home and then us ladies went to the Bonefish Grill for some appetizers and chit chat.

Home by 9, watched the rest of the Oscars with my family, took ANOTHER bendryl because I was rashing on my chest, and slept in til 10:30 this morning.

....time for Monday Funday?

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