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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amazing Ari.

Ari is so so so amazing. She is the owner of The Zen Den, where I teach in margate. A major bonus of working for her is that I get to practice at the ZD for free!! Her classes are insanely challenging but as long as you go to class WITHOUT an ego, you'll be fine. Ari does an amazing job at breaking down difficult poses to make them accessible. Today we were fucking around with all sorts of inversions. The first picture is Ari showing us some craziness ( that I clearly chose to skip - and instead acted as photographer ). The second photo is Aris awwwwesone hubby, Adam getting into another inversion that just wasn't for me. And the third photo is my friend Michelle. We practiced next to each other today. Practicing next to someone you love always gives more meaning to your practice. We laughed at each other when we fell, we encouraged each other when we found our way into difficult postures, and of course we held hands in savasana. Thanks to Ari for hosting another awesome class!!!

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