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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Men, Cover Your Ears...

...or should I say eyes!

Women. We are a powerful + amazing species. So complex + fascinating. Especially when it comes to that time of the month....periods. Tonight at work I made a comment about feeling like crap because, well, you know. More than half the girls turned around and agreed, they too were either there, getting there in a day or two, or just a day passed. How freaky is that? It is a scientific fact that women who live together begin to menstruate together. Well, we don't live together - but we all work at the same small restaurant, each of us on 6-7 nights/week. In the past month as work has picked up and we've all starting working more and being together, ALL of our cycles have begun to change by a day or two - to the point that we are in sync. That is some freaky shit. Fascinating, but freaky.

Apologies, this subject is definitely a bit random, but after all - I'm a mad rambler. I can't pick my ramblings, they just come to me....

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