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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Best Day of the Summer.

Yesterday was the best day that I'd had all summer. Wednesday night I got finished a little bit early at work, and instead of heading out, I came home and hung with the family. Relaxed and went to bed early. When my alarm went off at 5am, I was definitely tired, but I wasn't dragging too bad. I put the finishing touches on my "Inside Out Sushi Salad" that I'd made for catering that day, had a cup of tea, packed up my car and headed to Ocean City. The morning was SO perfect; the sun was shining, but not too bright and not too hot, the breeze was blowing, not too hard and just enough to cool you down, and the ocean was a steady ebb and flow of tranquility. I taught without my notes: something that I always had done in the past, though recently I've been reverting to my drawn up "lesson plans" more and more. Well - the flow was great! I just went with my gut and how my body was feeling. After class I delivered all of my salads, my first stop being @ my favorite Yoga Instructor and one of my favorite people in the whole WORLDS house - miss MICHELLE. I sing her praises often enough, so I'll spare you - but stepping into her house was a great follow up to my great yoga class. Despite having too small children that she {literally} seems to be juggling all day long, she still takes the time to be a good friend. Her, her handsome hubby and her adorable children make such a great, wholesome unit - something I look forward to having myself one day. Anywho, Michelle gifted me with some JIVAMUTKI China Gel {which I've been OBSESSING over for well over a month now} and a GORGEOUS deep purple JADE mat. For you non-yogi's...these mats are the BEST, the creme de la creme, the head honchos. As Michelle said "Oh Cailin, once you use a JADE mat you will never be able to go back!".

JADE Yoga Mats:
Jade mats are made with natural rubber and contain no PVC or other synthetic rubbers. Natural rubber is tapped, like maple syrup, from a rubber tree, a sustainable, renewable resource. We use natural rubber because it grips better and has more cushion than any of the synthetic rubbers on the market (PVC, PER, TPE, EVA). It is also better for the earth as it is made sustainably. In addition to natural rubber, our mats contain both natural and man-made components. The precise components of our mats are proprietary (the last thing we want is someone knocking off our mats overseas); Jade mats contain no PVCs, heavy metals or ozone depleting substances. All components are approved by FDA for use in rubber in continuous content with food. Through its partnership with Trees for the Future, JadeYoga plants a tree for every mat sold.

Finished delivering salads, hung with JaimeK + JamieD for a hot second, and then was on my way back home to scoop up Mom and Dad. Yesterday was our big doctors appointment: a one hour Avastin infusion and a meeting with Dr. Lehrman. Lehrman looked at the MRI and informed us that the Avastin seems to be working, and that the tumor has begun to shrink!! BAH! AMAZING! So hopefully this route will continue to work and maybe one day it will just disappear! Thank you so so so much everyone for all of your prayers and positive vibrations - they are felt, and keep them coming...we need to kick this things ass. While my parents were getting this good news I was bopping around running errands. I did a ton of shopping @ Trader Joe's for this weekends upcoming catering gigs, and then stopped at Starbucks for an Iced Latte. first bit of caffeine all day and I was bouncing off the walls. Stopped into Anthropologie and realized now why I don't like having a day off -- I spent a ludicrous amount of money buying some really beautiful Anthropologie goodies...and though I would usually feel bad about a purchase this expensive, I didn't feel bad at all. I actually felt good. I've been working super hard, and it was nice to treat myself. {Did I fail to mention that I also spent a bit more money at another shop down the way.....oops.} Picked up the parents, headed home and prepped for dinner: Little Paul, his lady Elizabeth, and drumroll please ---- SHAWNIE! His first day back since several months abroad in Australia, a week in California and then a roadtrip from Florida to here. We had a great dinner, some great conversations and certainly a lot of laughs. I retired to bed somewhat early and cracked open my new book "Wanderlust and Lipstick ... For Women Traveling to INDIA". It is filled with priceless information, funny stories and overall is a wealth of information concerning the many highlights of India! Counting down the days....Namaste!


  1. Thanks for the mention and I hope you continue to find value in For Women Traveling to India!

  2. Hi Cailin! I'm so happy to hear that your sweet Papa got some good news! That's excellent! I'll keep him in my prayers.