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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sweet Sleep.

I get to lay my head down tonight in the most beautiful home in all of Boston, and probably the most beautiful sacred living space that I have ever entered, ever. Daniel Orlansky is a teachers' teacher, and I studied Kundalini yoga with him a while back at the Kripalu yoga center in Massachusetts. Through him I heard of Jennifer Yarros Thai Yoga Massage training, and he has been so kind as to offer up his home to me while I'm here for the training (he also scooped me up at the airport!). All in all an amazing individual. Day one of training is complete, and I'm still in sensory overload, so I'll have to digest that for you all at another time. But I WILL tell you THIS: Thai massage is amazing, and very powerful form of bodywork. This will definitely become a life long journey for me, an infinite student and practitioner. Namaste my friends, write more again soon, but now I am going to rest up for what tomorrow will bring!

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  1. Hey there! I'm loving your blog/recaps of Thai yoga massage training. When I first saw this post I thought those were pictures of your house, and I got pretty jealous. :-) Well, still jealous, but not AS much now that I know it's not your pad.