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Saturday, January 7, 2012

powerful and AMAZING.

Yay! I now love Saturdays classes...because there is a theme: loud, intense, sweaty, energetic and totally amazing. I had 15 amazing yogis come out this morning, of all different styles and skill levels. We started out class with 3 rounds of OM and one really loud rebel yell. The theme of today's class was to TRUST IN YOURSELF because we are POWERFUL and AMAZING. We laughed... a lot. We yelled and chanted and breathed and screamed. And we sweat. And smiled. We shouted to the person across the circle that they were amazing...and IT was amazing.


*Thanks to YogaJournal for the insight about believing in yourself, and thanks to my outstanding friend Gray Richards in Encinitas for the mantra "I am powerful and amazing".

No matter how challenging it may seem, everything in life is there to point us toward healing and growth. When you infuse your intention with the spirit of service, you learn to believe in yourself. When you show up with focus and integrity, especially in lifes everyday moments, you uncover the essential trustworthiness within yourself.

I am powerful and amazing. You are powerful and amazing. WE are powerful and amazing.

Surround yourself with people who support you - let us hold one another up. When you believe in yourself, you can count on yourself to follow through on the smallest of details. You know you'll behave graciously, even when your first instinct is to run away. When you meet adversity, you know you'll communicate with clarity and composure. When you believe in yourself, life flows in abundant directions, your ability to love grows stronger, and your capacity to receive is revitalized. You're able to fearlessly generate more peace in the world through each of your interactions. This is your invitation to believe in yourself.


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