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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I realize that I haven't blog-blogged in a long time. So here's whats been happening with me...

On the TWILIGHT front: My friend Kylee has been house/dog-sitting so I spent a night hanging with her: cracking out on Twilight and cuddling with "Lola". There is NOTHING better than cuddling with a dog...nothing. We watched the first Twilight, and Twilight Eclipse, I made some dinner, and we ate lots of Oreo's (thats all her fault, shes a junk food queen). And since we both like to read, we spent lots of time just reading. She turned me onto some serious crack: Stephanie Meyer had written the first Twilight book from EDWARDS perspective a few years ago, but after it got leaked she became frustrated and said that she made no plans to finish it and publish. But because her fans are so die-hard, once they got wind of this they began searching the web for the illegal never-released book. SO, she finally just posted it on her website. It cannot be printed out, you can't "copy and paste", you can ONLY read it online. But it is well worth it. The unpublished novel is called MIDNIGHT SUN. For all of you Twi-Hards out there, you can check it out HERE. It's A-MA-ZING.

On the YOGA front: I'm teaching 4 classes a week at Surfside Fitness in Avalon, and 2 classes a week at the amazing Zen Den in Margate. Ari Green is the owner of the Zen Den, and she is just a spectacular person. She makes me feel so welcomed and appreciated, and she always makes me feel as if when I'm in the studio that its MY studio. She gifted me these beautiful Mala beads (that I'm wearing in the picture above)...they are so beautiful and definitely bring me happiness every time I put them on!

On the FAMILY front: Saturday was family day ALL DAY LONG. I taught a vigorous, loud, energetic yoga class in the morning and then quickly rinsed off and headed to lunch at Lucky Bones down in Cape May with Mom, Dad and LP. The food was delicious, as always, and the cocktails were pretty dang good too!! New to their menu is fried zucchini with lemon aioli which is so so so yummy. After our long leisurely lunch we headed home. Dad and I both took LONG naps, while Mom and LP hung out downstairs. We watched 50/50 together, reheated leftovers, sipped on some wine, and then watch Barneys Version. Two movies, the whole family, lazy day, good food. All in all, a great day.

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