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Friday, January 20, 2012

3 Bean Soup with Kale

This was probably one of the easiest soups that I have EVER made, and definitely one of the most delicious.
  • Can of Garbanzo beans
  • Can of Kidney beans
  • Can of Black beans
  • A bunch of Kale (the more the is soooo good)
  • Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley
  • 2 shallots (or one small yellow onion)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Dried oregano + basil (one teaspoon each)
  • Cayenne pepper (to taste)
  • Salt and Pepp (to taste)
  • Vegetable Broth (I prefer BETTER THAN BOUILLON concentrate as opposed to the boxes)

In the pot that you will be making the soup in, drizzle a fair amount of EVOO. Dice the shallots and the garlic and throw into the pot to sautee. Put all of your beans in a colander and rinse, rinse, rinse. Once they have been rinsed throw them into the pot. Pour in vegetable broth and seasonings. Dice a huge handful of fresh parsley, add to pot. Pull the kale off of the ribs and dice, add to pot. Enjoy!!!

I like EXTRA kale in mine, and I like it extra spicy. So before I would heat up each bowl I would add an extra handful of kale. It doesn't need to "cook down" or anything, it tastes great just as is. Also, those beans just so happened to be what I had around the house - use whatever you'd like!

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