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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fam Florida Fun

I'm so excited to be here in Cambridge, but I gotta say that there is a little tug at my heart because my parents are down in Florida!!! My Dad wanted to see his mom (who is that short, glamorous lady in yellow in the picture) so his cousin, Pat Levitt, scooped up my parents in her private jet and flew them down!! The level of comfort he was able...or should I rephrase, the level of DIScomfort that he was able to avoid, was significant...and made the trip much easier than it would have been if he had flown commercially. God bless Pat, yet again, for her humble generosity- it means so very much to everyone in our family. Here are two pictures that make me smiled: one of my parents, grandparents, aunt nelly, pat, and uncle sean and his hubby terry having lunch down in key west. I wish I could have accompanied them but am just so stoked that this was all possible. But more than anything, I am happy for my mom. She hasn't taken a second to breathe or a second for herself in over two years now. So ENJOY MOM!!

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