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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Satya Yoga with Cailin Callahan

Whether the class I am instructing is Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, or Slow thing will remain the same - the Authenticity of the practice. Spiritually, physically, emotionally - we all need something a bit different from yoga, and amazingly enough Yoga has the capability to MOLD TO US. What's important is that the practice fits the person rather than the person trying to fit the practice. My goal is that each person who walks into my class will walk out the door feeling better than when they walked in...with a smile on their face and some happiness in their heart. As life evolves, as we evolve - our practice evolves, and I hope to be able to offer up authentic variations for physical, spiritual and emotional growth along the way. "SATYA" is a sanskrit term translating to "truth, one who's nature is truth, authentic, sincere"...and that is what is reflected in my teaching: being true to our Authentic bodies, and replying to that with a sincere and Authentic practice.

I created a SATYA YOGA WITH CAILIN CALLAHAN page on facebook to promote my classes and my approach to yoga. If you are on facebook, please take a second to "Like" my page. And even if you aren't on facebook, you are able to view the page and see the latest happenings.

" The only thing that can be done is enabling people into experiencing. A Moment. This moment. The miracle of life happening in us as a breath."

"You are life happening here. There is not much more to be said. What is life? You are whatever it is altogether.... You don't have to find yourself, because you never lost yourself, and all the power and intelligence of life is appearing in you, as you. Yoga is both the relaxation and participation in your own life."


"There is immeasurable power and connectedness here. It can only be felt in you, as you. Nature does not work in models. We share the same condition but each one of us is utterly unique, standing in our life. The attempts to duplicate culturally prescribed spiritual models rob us of our unique presence and power. We each have our unique process. What has worked for one great person is not necessarily right for another... If there is any absolute condition of being, THIS IS IT. And this ONE is here, presently and powerfully available. It's not a question of "Be Here Now" - because you ARE here now. Yoga is the movement of the natural state of being." -- Mark Whitwell

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