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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thai Massage Round II

I finished an additional 30 hours of Thai massage training, and now have added side position to my repertoire as well as a whole new collection of new moves for supine and prone. I really enjoyed my one on one sessions with Rose Griscom, and in our two weeks together she got to really know me- on the surface and what's going on beneath it. Some days I feel like a duck: chilling on the surface, and paddling like hell underneath. During my training I was physically ill (thanks detox!), completely exhausted (work work work), and very emotional (it's been a challenging transition coming home). I've tried to keep it together on the surface, but some of the energetic stuff we were doing brought out my true state of being. Rose ended our training with some beautiful qigong and a poem by Hafiz, which I've been using as my mantra lately:

"I wish I could show you
when you are lonely
or in the darkness
the astonishing light
Of your own being."

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