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Thursday, March 7, 2013

10 Day Brown Rice Fast

Today is day 7 of my 10 day brown rice fast. I was first introduced to this by my teacher Rory Trollen down in Goa. It stems from the Macrobiotic diet, but is great for anyone looking to have a fresh start. Basically a full blown fast is too drastic for your system, but a steady diet of just brown rice and tulsi tea is enough for your body to survive and thrive, while giving your system a much needed break - physically and emotionally. So much time is dedicated to obsessing about what we are going to eat, and when, and how much. The brown rice diet is simple -- brown rice, anytime, whenever you're hungry, however much you want. And you will realize that since you are not eating for TASTE, you are instead eating to FUEL your body, that you don't overeat. I mean, rice is good, but its not THAT tasty that you want second and third helpings after you are full. More than anything, this diet for me has helped me to reset my palette and reasses how often it is that I'm just eating for "flavor". Now, I love food - and I'm not renouncing anything...I will still enjoy my indulgences, but in moderation. And this is a great way to just give your system time to recharge. Also, today in class, Surrender Singh talked about the importance of fasting. He said that there are two types of fasting...there is the physical fasting, which is good for the body. And there is SILENCE, which is a mental fasting, good for the mind. Both help us to find Pratyahara (withdrawl of the senses...which leads to meditation...which leads to Samadhi).

"Rice, one of the oldest grains known to man, is traceable to Northern India as far back as 8000 BC. Brown rice differs from white rice in that the bran portion of the grain remains intact. This portion is desirable in a healthy diet. Traditionally, a brown rice fast consists of nothing but eating a gruel made from the grain for a period of 10 days in order to balance the body’s natural rhythms."

You can also drink Tulsi (basil) tea and cinnamon tea, and BE SURE TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER because your body will be ridding itself of many toxins.

I'm sleeping 5 hours a night, and I have more energy than I've had all year (and I'm doing yoga, massage training, and lots of walking). I highly recommend this, and if anyone has further questions, please feel free to email me:


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  1. Hi Cailin, good job on this fast! I'm so i mpressed. I'm trying to assess different fasts that would be best for my digestive and reproductive issues. Did you notice a change in your digestion? Were you already "regular" to begin and how did it affect your bowels? Did you lose weight? Thanks!