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Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster since I've arrived. Amazing moments and then moments of stillness. I've been doing my fair share of crying, which is good- but I've also been laughing, a lot. Since being here I have met a handful of good people, and I don't think that I could be doing this trip here in Sri Lanka without the very special Rasika. I have been calling Rasi the "Mayor"...he knows everyone (and is loved by them all), and he has his hand in everything. He works, but he always has the time to help you out whether it be with renting a motorbike, looking for a place to eat, or with your Indian Visa.... On Saturday Rasika picked me up at 9am to help me sort out of photos for my Indian Visa. They are verrrry specific and apparently the photo that I'd enclosed had an egg shell white background instead of a pure white background. So instead of telling me where to go, he simply took me. Since I had no plans the day continued with me running some errands with him. He's an antique dealer and does carpentry work for all of the expats homes. His work is beautiful, and he hires only the best carpenters to work for him. It was great to see some of the projects that he's been working on and to meet his guys. After errands he said that he'd like to show me the beach Hikkaduwa, a good surfing beach about 30minutes north of Galle. We stopped at "Why Not", a guesthouse/surf shop/restaurant on the beach- owned by his friend Dehan. They both insisted that I borrow a board and catch a few waves. I was hesitant, I hate borrowing things, but they insisted until I agreed. The wave was only about waist to chest, but it was glassy and the water was beautiful. As time passed the lineup got more and more crowded, mostly with inexperienced surfers. Surfers etiquette? What etiquette? People were dropping in, paddling around, paddling in front, bailing their boards, and paddling for (and missing) wave after wave after wave. Most didn't know any better, but some did- so just as I had made the decision to get out after one more wave, I got a huge ding in my borrowed board!! One of the inexperienced long boarders threw his board when a set came through, and id been right behind him. I was nearly crying as I walked up the beach and back to Why Not. How did I repay their kindness? With a dinged board. Holy Shitballs, go figure. As I explained with tears in my eyes, they both kept saying "it's no worries, it's no worries"....and they weren't just trying to appease me, they truly meant it. And that has been the attitude in Sri Lanka..."no worries". Once they'd truly convinced me that there were no worries, we relaxed for a bit, sipping Lime Sodas, and then headed back for Galle. Rasika is married to the lovely and oh-so-funny Catherine. Catherine is a dress-maker from England, a true crafts(wo)man like her husband. They own the Old Railway Cafe, which has delectable eats in the cafe upstairs, and the bottom is a boutique selling Catherine's one-of-a-kind creations. Her clothes are what I want to wear. Comfortable, flattering, versatile, beautiful, and with that little touch here or there that makes it unique. Though I'm on a budget now, I plan to stock up on a few pieces right before I head home. Anywho, back at the Cafe, Rasika whipped us up some lunch. He made an amazing salad and some sautéed "Seer", similar to a swordfish, with the most delectable marinade. We washed it down with lime
Sodas and topped it off with espresso. Damn. Life is good when filled with good friends and good food.

Rasi dropped me back at home, and I fell right into my at-home routine- tea, read, tea, yoga, tea, crossfit, tea, shower, relax....tea.

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