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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Zen Den OC Epicness!


So....the turnout to The Zen Den's new studio in Ocean City has been amazing!!!!! The new spot on 922 Asbury Avenue is perfect! The entrance is down the alley way which makes it cute, quaint and best of all - quiet! I had nine amazing friends come out to class on Friday, and I had a dozen students this morning (most of which were people that I didn't know...yeeewww for new friends!). Tomorrow I teach at 9:30am and I'm already looking forward to it! Thank You, Thank You to everyone who came out to my classes this weekend: Jennifer, Lara, Michelle, Leslie, Susan, Martha, Katy, Jill, Marybeth, Rochelle, Chris, Shelby, Collette, Katie, Toula, Lori, Lisa, Christine, Garrett, MaryEllen, and Kelly. It's going to be a great summer!

This has been my motto since I was a kid...and it's paid off  :)
Come and check out a class at the *NEW* Ocean City Zen Den @ 922 Asbury Ave!

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