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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ocean City.

So as you all know, I'll be teaching a fair bit in Ocean City. My beach yoga classes are in their 4th year, and it will be my first year teaching at the Zen Dens new location, as well as being one of the four instructors at this years Yoga on the Pier. When I went to Ari's SWEAT class yesterday, one of the women, whom has taken a few of my classes, approached me for some chitchat. I told her that I was super excited to be starting classes in OC, and she responded with a "Well, good luck. Just so you know, that town is very religious..."  Her words sat with me all through class. It took me a while to figure out what exactly she was saying. And then I realized that she was kind of warning me to "tone it down"...leave out the "shitballs" and "motherfuckers". It made me anxious at first, thinking of how I'd have to tone down who I am...censor and whatnot. The thoughts stayed with me as I taught my own Yin class at the Zen Den after Aris. And the more it sat with me, the more that I realized that I will always be the 'shitballs' and 'motherfucker' yoga teacher, because quite frankly that's who I AM. Two of my regular students, who never-miss-a-class, are two of the most religious people that I have ever met. And they have told me that my classes have helped them to feel a closer connection to God...more close than they have ever felt before. So in order for me to teach an authentic yoga class, that is true to me and true to the yoga that I live - then censoring and toning it down just doesn't make sense. Sure, there are some square, conservative people out there who might not like my class - but that's the beauty of having an array of yoga instructors. It's like the perfect pair of jeans -- you have to try a bunch on before you find a pair that makes you look amazing, feel amazing, and you want to wear  What works for one person spiritually, physically and emotionally won't work for another. So, I'm sure I'll offend a person or two in Ocean City - and they are more than welcome not to return to my class (though I surely Hope that I don't offend anyone! It's not my aim). But I know for a fact that my authentic, from-the-heart approach to teaching will connect with a few, and that is a beautiful thing. So, if you don't like F*bombs then maybe my class isn't for you, and that's okay. Until then, namaste motherfuckers...I love you all! 

I am one of the 4 instructors at this years summer Yoga on the Pier. You DO NOT want to miss this amazing event!!!

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  1. Sure to meet lots of great people here. Im definitely attending.