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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

USA Yoga.

I fought it and I fought it - and then I finally broke down and bought myself some damn (expensive) Lululemon yoga gear. It's super expensive, but considering that I spend most of my day, everyday, in yoga clothes - well, it breaks down to costing pennies per each wear. Around here you mostly see Lulu stuff in the classrooms, but in when I was in Encinitas at Yoga @ Bergamot, I noticed that most people were wearing Beyond Yoga. Most yogi's seem to be pretty brand loyal - they are Lulu wearers or BY wearers (or theres the few that really don't give a shit and are probably thinking to themselves right now "Who is Lulu?"). I decided to do some research and this is what I discovered: Lululemon is actually a Canadian brand - which started out small with just one factory in BC but now most of their clothing is made overseas (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Peru, Israel, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam).  I do love Lulu, and I know that they are taking the time to inspect and audit their factories and making sure that there workers are treated well. BUT, Beyond Yoga is made here - in the USA...which is very rare for nearly everything that we surround ourselves with (Bananas from Costa Rica, Dog Food from China, Car Parts from Japan, Clothes from Cambodia...). And, since the price is nearly IDENTICAL, I would much rather fork over my dough for something American made, after all that is why the damn yoga pants are so expensive to begin with. Why is Lulu's so expensive if they are manufacturing overseas? Probably because of the insane amount of advertising that they do. If it's going to be made abroad then I would rather less advertising, cheaper prices. Anywho, just some food for thought for any of my fellow yoga-clothes-crackheads out there. I just bought a few things from Beyond Yoga and can't wait for their arrival.....

Lululemon Wunder Under Crop $68 - $78 : Made in Cambodia

Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging $48 - $68 : Made in the USA

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