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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Letting Go.

I really needed Ari's yoga class this morning. Physically I've been feeling horrible, which in turn has me feeling a bit down. My joints have been aching - mostly my hands (knuckles, wrists), elbows, and knees. Then there was the whole drama in Avalon with my job. And, something that always weighs heavy on my mind, my Dad. Ari's class was still super challenging, but she added a lot of forearm postures into the mix as well as a forearm stand, which my wrists and I were very grateful for. Knowing that I've been holding onto a good amount of anger, frustration and sadness, Ari started out with a little story to start our practice - which I held with me throughout my practice {and even after!}. I found a version of it online, and it goes like this:

Life offers up a heavy load to carry....Let Go.
Two monks, going to a neighbouring monastery, walked side by side in silence. They arrived at a river they had to cross. That season, waters were higher than usual. On the bank, a young woman was hesitating and asked the younger of the two monks for help crossing the river. He exclaimed, 'Don't you see that I am a monk, that I took a vow of chastity? I cannot help you woman.' "I require nothing from you that could impede your vow, but simply to help me to cross the river,' replied the young woman with a little smile. 'I can do nothing for you,' said the young monk. 'I will help you' said the elderly monk. 'Climb on my back and we will cross together.' Having reached the other bank, the old monk put down the young woman who thanked him in return. She went on her way and both monks continued their route. The young monk complained and carried on, scolding the elder monk saying, 'You shouldn't have carried that woman on your back. I cannot believe it! It's against our rule!.' 'This young woman needed help and I put her down on the other bank. You didn't carry her at all, yet she is still on your back,' replied the older monk.

LET GO. That is the lesson of the story here. Though the young monk never once held the woman, he was still carrying her - all the way from the river to the monastery. What is it that you are carrying with you? I always say if something isn't lifting you up - then its dragging you down. If something or someone does not serve you physically, emotionally or spiritually - then LET GO. And so my mantra during savasana was:

I let go of my anger, there's nothing I can do to enlighten her. 
I let go of my sadness, holding on to it doesn't help him. 
I let go of my physical pains, they are only temporary. 
I let go of anything that doesn't lift me up. 
I am vulnerable, I am available, I am celebrating.

I left class feeling much lighter than when I walked in, having gotten rid of all that I've been carrying around with me lately. Big gratitude to Ari Green for another enlightening and uplifting class, and to all of the yogi's that I share the classroom with every week.

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