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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blackberry Mint Julep

I LOVE THAT IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!! After living in Costa for a few years I have grown accustomed to HOT weather, like 90degrees-in-the-morning type hot. Thank GOD it was a mild winter, otherwise I would have lost my damn mind, or just turned into a depressed drunk. Ha! Speaking of cocktails: my favorite thing about summer is not the beach, not the shoobies, not the madness...but hanging out in my parents back yard, grilling, eating and drinking and laughing. We are professionals. And better yet, I love being able to throw on one of my (3,000) dresses. I hate clothes, and I don't know how to dress for the cold. So summer time is MY time. Last night I made a spread of: 

  • Blackberry Mint Juleps
  • Grilled Summer Squash w/ Bagna Caruda + Fried Capers
  • Grilled Broccoli with Lime Butter and Parmesan
  • Dill Biscuits
  • Smoky Eggplant Anco-Spread
  • Grilled Shrimp + Scallop Skewers

and some plain rice. 

I'll post all of the recipes at another time, but for now I'll just focus on the Blackberry Mint Juleps. I have been obsessed lately with classic cocktails - with a little twist. Traditional Mint Juleps are Bourbon, simple syrup, and muddled mint. I kept that recipe the same but added on some muddled blackberries, used agave nectar and a bit of powdered sugar instead of the simple syrup, and topped them with a splash of club soda so we weren't just sipping straight bourbon. Good times on the regular. 

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