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Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Today.

I have been OBSESSED with Game of Thrones, a series on HBO. It's a fantasy/medieval show that is totally addictive. Season Two is on right now and they're about half way through it. I only starting watching a few weeks ago, and for two days I holed up on the couch and did nothing but watch back episodes. This series in an adaptation from the book series written by George Martin, which I've just ordered and cannot WAIT to devour! Mom and Dad love the series as well, and since I love beating things that I enjoy to death (Twilight, which I've watched a thousand times...), I've watched each episode at least twice. Dad has a hard time following along and remembering so he's always game for a repeat episode with me. Our favorite quote we've taken from it...? Little Arya was working with a swordsman and he said to her, "When death comes knocking at
your door, you respond NOT TODAY". So today we are at HUP, and when dad sat in his chair for his infusion he said, "Not Today". Amen to that!

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