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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Janice & Jer

I know alot of people, from alot of places. I know alot of talented people, intelligent people, and boring people. I know some great people and some not-so-great people. And then I know people like Janice and Jer-- the BEST kind of people...

Janice is SASSY. Sharp-witted and a sharp dresser, there's no bullshit and an authenticity that I admire. She's great if you need to laugh with someone, or if you're in need of a good cry.

Jer is the ultimate ball buster, who gives great heart felt hugs...somewhat of an oxymoron but alot of Jer is that way. He can dress up snazzy and take his woman out on the town, and then the next day slap on some Carhartts to go out and sheer their alpacas (yes, they are proud alpaca owners). He's a trash talker like myself- riding me endlessly about my ("ridiculous, obscene") obsession with Twilight, but I know that the teasing only comes from love.

Janice and Jer are the type of people that you could have an hour long conversation with about cream, or good salt, or the preparation of pork belly. Actually, that's one of the things that I love most of all about these special people, is their mutual love for food: buying it, preparing it, the quality of it, where it came from, nice restaurants with proper service and simply put: good food done right. It's rare that I meet foodies and individuals that care for food like I do, so it's extra special when I come across some amazing people that love, respect, honor and (somewhat obsess) over it like this gal.

Both Janice and Jer share a passion for books and music, and if you're ever in need of a recommendation- these are the two to ask. Also- did I mention that these two are some of the most thoughtful individuals that I've ever met...?!? Yesterday I opened my email and I had a message from Jer, with the new BON IVER album attached!! I almost fell out of my seat. I <3 Bon Iver, and after a rough morning (Dads a bit out of it from Chemo), it was just what I needed to perk up my day. Sometimes a kind email and some good tunes is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Jer- I love you, and I love your equally epic beautiful bride Janice too!!!

*side note for people new to the blog: Janice and Jeremy live in Seattle. I met them 2 trips ago when I was out west visiting my best friend Julia. They are regulars at the restaurant La medusa, where Gordon and Jules work, and they are the best of friends.

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  1. C - you are the sweetest and kindest person....and they're ~alpacas~ that we have, not llamas ;)