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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Foodie Fun with Friends.

I am so so so happy to be back "home" in Arugam Bay with my "family". Hooray! And now that Adena and Luther are here it's even better! Between being under the weather, traveling in Colombo, and catching up with my friends- I have slept VERY little this past week. I also pulled a 7 hour session (technically 6, there was an hour break in between) yesterday in the surf, so I'm feeling super exhausted (and super satisfied!). Anywho, hosted a little dinner party at our house last night for Nir, Ziv, Marko + Kelly, Marina + Gerrit, and friends. I made all sorts of goodies: grilled veggies, cheese platter, Tuna pâté, eggplant bruschetta, curry apple pasta salad, and roasted salsa. Despite my delirium I couldn't shake the smile on my face. Feeling so blessed for the community that I have here and for the abundance that we receive in the form of waves, food and love.

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