not all who wander are lost.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Northland New Zealand

MmMmM...northland New call to me. Whenever I decide that I want to go somewhere, the universe will discourage or encourage this by bombarding me with signs. Well, all signs say GO for New Zealand this December. Though I've found most Aussies drunk and obnoxious, I loooove the Kiwi's!! Keep meeting people, making connections and slowly but surely lining up some work and amazing surf (and some rock climbing!) in northern new Zealand. Yeeeewww! Now I have something to work towards upon my return home, and to work....


  1. wow "most aussies obnoxious & drunk" - and the really positive international reputation of americans is??? one of the things i have learnt in life through much travel is make your journey with an open heart & open mind - 'generalisation' is ignorance.
    you don't know me but blogging is a public forum and somehow came upon you stream of consciousness. Being australian, (noting that we are not known for syrupy patriotism like others) feel free to bypass our country - which is rich with diversity and adversity - like msot complex societies are.

  2. Dear anonymous,
    The name of my blog is nosewalking and Trash Talking. I talk about poop. I make fun of myself. And yes, poke jabs at others. If I didn't have a handful of dear friends from Australia then I wouldn't feel comfortable poking fun- but because I know and love a group of Aussies I don't feel that this is out of line. You replied to my "out of line" statement with a generalization about Americans. The kettle calling the pot black. Take a deep breath, laugh a bit and life will be alright. Tomorrow night when I'm out with my Aussie friends and I call them drunks I'll be sure to tell them that there's someone agressively defending them and their honor. I'm sure they'll get a hoot out of it. It's all in good fun my friend. Lighten up.