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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sopa Negra...It's That Easy.

I love Black Bean Soup!!! I just want to stand on the rooftop and yell it out "I LOVE BLACK BEAN SOUP!". It's hearty, delicious and nutritious. JamD requested it every day in Costa, and I can't blame her - it hits the spot every time. So here, I'm not magical - I'm not uber talented, nor do I have all the answers...sopa negra is pretty easy to make.

sopa negra.

2 cans black beans
2 cans refried {black} beans
1 can chicken stock (or vegetable stock if veg.)
fresh cilantro
hot {hot sauce, cayenne pepper, or my favorite Sriracha...or you could use all three}
all seasoning
salt and pepp
jalapenos {optional}
eggs {optional}

in the blender or food processor blend the refried beans and the chicken stock. add more stock if you'd like -- depends upon the thickness that you want. if youre friends are vegetarians then use vegetable stock and just add a bit extra salt and a few dashes of olive oil. pour the cans of beans into the soup. season with the juice of about 2 limes, a nice handful of cilantro and whatever hot sauce blows your skirt up. little tiny bit of a salt and a nice bit of fresh ground pepper. throw in some all seasoning. if you want, dice up a jalapeno - throw it in a hot skillet with olive oil for a hot second and then add to the soup. okay - now you are going to doubt me on this, and lenny straight up just wont even try it -- but EGGS. its how they serve soup in costa rica, and trust me - its amazing. bring the soup to a boil - and once its boiling crack a few eggs into it, i usually put in one per person. let it continue to boil for another 2 minutes {its cooking the egg}. then boom. its ready. serve in a bowl with rice on the side. if you add rice to the soup it gets soggy -- i like to take a little scoop of rice with every bite - or you can just throw it in right before you eat it. you can drizzle the soup with some sour cream, garnish with extra cilantro - and even serve it with a lime wedge if you're feelin' fancy. vavavoom

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