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Friday, December 27, 2013

Key West!

Our flight was a bit delayed due to snow, but there was nothing but sunshine upon our arrival to Miami! My travel partner is my good friend Andy Welker. He was up visiting his family for the holidays, and I was grateful because we got to fly down together- making the wait time in the airport and on the runway, and the journey from Miami down the coast much more enjoyable. Plus, Andy makes me laugh, a lot. Most times I'm not even sure what exactly I'm laughing about, he just gets me going and then I can't stop. Anywho, we picked up our rental car and started the journey down to itty-bitty Key West. The views are beautiful and about half way down we pulled into a place on the water for some seafood. Don't ya know it, out of the corner of my eye I spot "Late Night". Tom, aka "Late-Night" is a Sea Isle City local who has bartended in south jersey for years. Go figure that I walk into the bar that he's working at now!! Small world. We ate, watched the sunset, said goodbye to Late Night and then headed further south...

We pulled into our destination around 9pm. My friend Kelly and her family own half of key west (okay, maybe not half...but a fairly large chunk) and she has been super generous, putting us up in a condo that they own. So we settled into our sweet crib, unpacked and decided to burn some calories before heading out onto the town. Though Andy is an ammmmazing salesman, he is also easily sold. He busted out "T25" a DVD workout series that he purchased off an infomercial. And so, in our living room, we did a full-power "CARDIO" workout for 25minutes. Thanks to Andy, I laughed through half of it and nearly peed my pants.

It was a mellow albeit late evening stroll through town, sipping tea and taking it all in. We talked mostly about business, with Andy advising me on how to own a company, maintaining good credit, and so on. He holds a wealth of information and he gives it to me freely and patiently (I ask lots of questions). We went to bed late and woke up early.

Diving Day 1:
I somehow allowed myself to get conned into getting my scuba dive certification. I've always been terrified of scuba and have never had a desire to spend time UNDER water (as someone who spends a lot of time ABOVE water, surfing, the idea of being under for long periods is a bit scary...). Alas, Andy is persuasive and I'm a bit of a pushover, so here we are. The online training was completed and after a brief video showing today we hopped right into it. Once in the pool I calmed down a bit...I really do love water. But I swallowed and snorted a few gallons of water because Andy had me laughing so hard. Ayeyaya. We just had a break and feasted at a local vegan spot, nourishing our bodies with yummy food and green juice, and now we are back for round two! Wish me luck, and less laughter....!

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