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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I am deathly afraid of the ocean.
Go ahead, laugh...
But it's true.
Always have been.

Well, Andy peer pressured me into doing this dive certification, and then got so sick (first head cold, then sea sick, then his ears....) so I had to do it solo. And I did it! I talked to my Dad a lot on the boat ride out to the reef, asking for some guidance and strength (the conversation actually went "dad, please help me...I don't want to be such a pussy!"). It was exciting to not only be underwater, but to be so comfortable and confident. I took my mask on and off underwater, was able to complete all of my diving skills and best of all, my air consumption was the lowest on the boat (which was a reflection of how calm I was). I was really missing andy, but I think that it was even more empowering because I had to do it solo. I loved my teacher Sarah, as well as everyone else on the boat. I felt like I was a part of their community. So grateful for this experience and so proud of myself for doing something that terrifies me. Yeeeew. Gonna crush the shit outta my fears in 2014....!

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  1. The first time I went SCUBA diving I cried underwater - I remember thinking how the F am I supposed to do this if I'm already crying. And then the mask came off - HELLO OCEAN! It's now so incredibly peaceful to me to be fully immersed in the beautiful, mighty ocean! Glad you've crossed over because we are gonna dive our hearts out in Sri Lanka (and Mexico!!).