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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Face Masks for Healthy Travel.

While traveling around Asia you will see countless Asians wearing surgical masks...some even invest in pretty fabric ones! In Kathmandu every single person was wearing one. They wore them in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, and a few in Indonesia. I never understood and to be honest, I thought that they looked super silly. But now...I get it!! And I'm joining in!!

Anytime that I am in transit for a long time, or specifically when a flight is delayed and we are just sitting on the plane, I always get sick. I spent my first month in India sick, and it spent my first two weeks home in Jersey sick because of shitty air on long, congested flights. And now I'm sick again thanks to the stale, contaminated air that I was stuck in for nearly two hours as my plane sat on the runway in Texas awaiting take off. Ugh.

So next time you see me in transit, I will be grinning behind my surgical mask, because THIS girl is NOT getting sick ever again.

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