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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Deep In The Heart of Texas

So here I am, down in Dallas, Texas with one of my dearest. oldest friends Andrew. He's in the process of opening more offices in Philadelphia and LA, so he wanted to take advantage of this transition time and bring me down for a few days. As always, he's pretty busy with business but lucky for us both, I'm great at entertaining myself. And lucky for me, there's heaps of yoga studios around here....

I got off the plane and Andy scooped me in the (bulletproof) G-wagon and took me out for a five-star seafood dinner in downtown Dallas. The next day we had breakfast in Deep Elem, the hipster part of town, at All Good- which not only has delicious food but also doubles as a badass music venue. He had work to do so I headed to yoga. I went to Sunstone Yoga which came highly recommended via Facebook. I wasn't impressed. Hot yoga just doesn't do it for me. I kept reminding myself during the class something that one of my teachers once told me: "It's up to YOU to bring spirituality into your practice". Really though, Sunstone embodied everything that I don't like in a yoga studio. Bright lights, military style instruction, oppressive heat, totally impersonal, and optional savasana. It's a factory for westernized yoga. Wow. Forgive me. Rant over. Alas, I just took it for what it was, enjoyed the complimentary hot tea and did my own meditation when I left. Andy scooped me up and we headed back to his office so we could book our next adventure together...KEY WEST. Andy's treating me to a scuba certification for Christmas. I can't wait!

The highlight meal has definitely been at HG Supply Company in east Dallas. HG (Hunter Gatherer) is a PALEO restaurant with an outrageously delicious menu, filled with fresh, delicious and innovative dishes that are organic, free range, grass-fed and best of all...candida friendly! Tamra, Andrew, Mike and I chowed down on one tasty dish after another. The garlic GINGER hummus was surprisingly unique and yummy and my duck confit with spicy broccoli and sweet potato hash was deeeeelicious.

To fill the time I've given Andrew guitar lessons and both the boys yoga lessons. The yoga was interesting, apparently it doesn't matter how much money you make or how old you are, fart humor is just as funny as when they were little boys.

We picked up mom late last night. She's been investing in Andy's company so she came down to take care of some business and to go hunting. This morning when they were in the office I hit up a class at Exhale Spa and goddamn goddamn...the class was unbelievable. So good. Challenging, unique, inspiring and nourishing. And now...with the two of them high on good business deals and me high on yoga, we are headed deep into the heart of Texas to go bird hunting.

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