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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tea for Me.

Kelly, hard at work.
The delicious, candida-friendly spread.
I looked at my friend the other day and started to cry. "Whats wrong, Cailin?", he said. And I responded, "I just want someone to make me tea...". Well, Kelly not only made me tea - but she made me dinner. With three small kids and a very busy life, she managed to make it to my workshop and then prepare me the most deeeeelicious (candida-friendly) spread. She used Gwenyth Paltrows amazing cookbook, "It's All Good" (I definitely need to add this one to my repertoire). She was texting me throughout the day asking "Can you have this? And how about this?", and as I continually apologized, she continually reassured me that it was NO problem and that she was super excited to cook for us. After the workshop we headed back to her house, tucked her kids into bed and enjoyed a peaceful dinner filled with conversation, conversation, and conversation. To cap off the evening...she made me tea. It was so nice to just sit and receive, and I went to bed last night feeling so incredibly grateful for my amazing friend and delicious meal. I woke up this morning feeling nourished - physically and emotionally. Sometimes all you need is someone to make you a cuppa tea....(or a kickass dinner!).

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