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Friday, July 12, 2013


Partners help us to twist...
The message from last nights workshop...
Beautiful practice.
Beautiful day.
Beautiful life.

I just added in Wednesday and Thursday mornings, 8-9am. I knew that it was going to be a bit slow, so I took advantage of the small classes to do some "partner" work. We lined up in two rows, facing one another, and helped eachother through balancing poses and into deep assists. It was a beautiful class and I was so grateful to share the practice with a great group of individuals. Later in the night I finally got to be the STUDENT! I went to Maura Manzo's workshop, "A Hustle and a Prayer", and it was about turning your hard work into heart work. I personally feel that I've already transformed the hard work into heart work, but a lot of what she was talking about was empowering me and my path. At the end we all picked out hearts from a bag and my message totally spoke to me: it said, "You have everything you need. BEGIN." And so, I've begun...

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