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Saturday, March 3, 2012


My mom is pretty amazing with words, and this is her latest email update about my Dad, which she dedicated to me. Thanks to my parents for bringing me into this world 25 years ago:

A quick shout out to Jan and her husband Rich for making us soups and giving Paul a great long sleeved T-Shirt from the Avalon Marine Center where they both work.Rich told me he loves to start his day reading my updates.I love you guys. Thanks to Mindy for coming over on Sunday with a full meal that she shared with us. Excellent. Salad, pasta ,bread. I sent her home with pheasant. it was a good trade. Toni continues to bring us goodies and hang out with us about every other week.Its always a good time. Jason came by with bagels the other day. Then he went walking with us. He is a great husband , father and friend. We are lucky to have him in our corner. So many other people continue to write , call, stop by, and in general keep us in great spirits. Its such a nice feeling being loved. Now to get to the main subject of this letter.My daughter. My 4 hours away from being 25 year old daughter. I often skim over Cailin in these letters. Actually its a little painful at times to talk about the sacrifices she has made recently, so I tend to keep it inside. Today she posted a blog about her birthdays abroad. Its fantastic. She has not been home to celebrate her birthday since she was 20 years old. Each winter , after working and saving all her hard earned summer money, she travels. She lives and breathes traveling. She loves us, and South Jersey in the summer, but winter here is rather tortuous for her. Thank God this winter has been so mild. Cailin has never been good at sitting around. She needs to be busy and experiencing new things every day.Well, this year she decided she needed to be here for her dad. She has been teaching yoga, giving massages, playing an occasional music gig, doing a little catering, but for the most part has been just hanging with us. Let's face it. We used to be exciting as hell , but recently we aren't exactly setting the world on fire. We keep telling her that Dad is fine, and she should take to the open road , but still she stays. She's been helping in the best ways she can and I just want her to know how much we love her. 25 years ago we drove down the GSP yelling to the toll guy that we were having a baby. It was the start of a very special relationship. It takes about a minute of being a parent when you realize you would walk through fire for your child .In my case, I know I'd come rescue her no matter where in the world she was. Liam Nesson in TAKEN has nothing on me. We love you "As big as the Universe" Cailin. Thanks for hanging around. And Happy Happy Birthday. Love, Mom and Dad

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