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Monday, March 26, 2012

Garden Maintenance 101

After all the rain we had, Mom and I had a teeny bit of damage control to take care of in the garden. As with all things concerning my mother, it can't happen NOW, it needs to happen RIGHT NOW. So, despite being in my robe - making my morning cup of tea - she insisted that the work needed to be done RIGHT NOW. She put one of my dads jackets on me, and I slid into my boots, fresh juice still in hand, and out we went. First things first though - she wanted to show me her new compost 'barrel'. Woohoo, exciting stuff! Then we checked on the snap peas, some of which were uncovered and just need a little dirt to cover them. The lettuces we stored under the pool deck so thankfully they didn't get too much water. And then, the onions - which you need to be careful with too much moisture - nobody likes a rotten onion. So we put the bin up on bricks so that it could drain properly. Just another morning at the Callahan's house....

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