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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Gina is my best friend from college. She was the one person who I filled my days with...sipping coffees on campus, hanging around the art studio, or in each others apartments coming up with delicious creations. She drove down from Ramsey yesterday (3hrs) to be a part of my birthday celebration and I'm SO GRATEFUL that she's going to be at the table for family dinner. She made me my favorite, Rice Krispie treats, and after throwing several of those fluffy clouds of heaven we ate tuna fish sandwiches. Tunafish sandwiches were one of our stables- and I can't eat one without thinking of G. Ah, memories! She hasn't seen twilight yet (I know, I KNOW...this poor girl...), so yesterday we cuddled up on the couch and I caught her up to speed. Then we headed to my Yin yoga class and ultimately ended up in Avalon at the Whitebriar to see my friend Bridget. Bridg came up with a delicious cocktail, which we will call " the yogini ". It's a blend of all my favorite things: St.Germain, Campari, Champagne and fresh squeezed OJ! It was a great night that ended with G and I on the couch watching more twilight. And now, let the celebrations continue...

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