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Sunday, June 20, 2010

On The Way To Cape May...

The Rusty Nail
205 Beach Ave
Cape May, New Jersey 08204
(609) 884-0017

The BEST You-Peel-'EM-Shrimps around...

Pablito has been working down in Cape May, and this has seriously interrupted our {quite frequent} lunch dates. Paul and I have been self proclaimed food critics for several years now - and I can always count on him for being up to try a new place, fall back in love with a tried and true place, and to eat this, that and anything. Whenever I eat in Cape May, I hate to admit it but I'm a total creature of habit. Yes, there are many a fine restaurants down in this cute, quaint, historical beach town - but for some reason traveling to Cape May (mind you, only a 25minute drive away) I always feel like I'm traveling to another far-away country. Therefore, I always go to one of my two favorites: high end at the Ebbitt Room (25 Jackson Street, (609) 884-5700) for some truly outstanding, never-let-you-down high end cuisine, or to Lucky Bones { , 1200 Route 109, (609) 884-2663}. MmMm Lucky Bones. The BEST mussels in the state of New Jersey - and this is coming from a TRUE seafood connoisseur {my father was a commercial fisherman for mannny years, fresh seafood was always on our dinner table}. Anyways, back to the story. I ask Paul if he's available for lunch so I hop in the car to meet him in Cape May. I left the restaurant decision in his hands, and was ammmaazed when he recommended The Rusty Nail. First of all, it wasn't Lucky Bones {Pablito is also a LB addict}. Second of all, it was the Rusty Nail which always served up some okay food, but nothing that blew my skirt up. Paul insisted that we give their "Beach Shack" a try...he's a big advocate of atmosphere in a restaurant, and he wanted to sit outside. So, it was settled. The Rusty Nail's Beach Shack. I ordered You Peel 'Em Shrimp and Mussels. Paulie ordered the Pork + Shrimp Fajitas. First thing delivered was the Shrimp, and christ almighty - I will whole-heartedly make the claim that they were the best UPeel'EMs that I've ever had. First of all, they weren't cooked to the point of being tough - they were just right and nice + juicy. They were cooked in my favorite, some spicy Old Bay {and maybe some Creole seasoning?}. They were served with cocktail sauce, which I didn't even touch, because they also came with this amazing, somewhat spicy, delicious seafood broth. The shrimp were so good that they didn't need anything - broth or cocktail, but the broth was soooo good I couldn't resist. Consumption went like this: peel the shrimp, drop in into the broth, after it soaked up the goodness pull it out and enjoy :) The mussels were just okay...the sauce was a pretty heavy red sauce. Paulie's Fajitas were bomb-diggity delicious, he rarely clears his plate - but it was clean by the time he was time. The shrimp were big and plump and they had a great sweet but spicy tang. All in all, a great way to spend a random summer afternoon.

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