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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh Honey's.

Talula and I headed up to Philadelphia for some brunch + a Trader Joe's fix. We decided on Honey's for brunch, because...well, it's fabulous! Well, as much as I love food - I get super stressed out when it comes to ordering. I am always overwhelmed, to the point where I sometimes flail and order the worst thing on the menu. Maryanne {aka Talula} ordered the Sloppy Joe and I was teetering on the edge, eventually choosing the Spicy Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwich. We both sipped Arnold Palmers, but with homemade LimeAde, and shared an order of fried green tomatoes with a homemade ranch dressings. HONEY'S makes homecooked scrumptious deliciousness, that isn't always some mindful of the waistline, but is comforting and delicious and they always use super fresh ingredients. Everything is handmade with love, which I love <3>

I've been off meat {I'm labeling myself a "pescatarian" currently}, I tried one little bite of Maryanne's Sloppy Joe for the blogs sake - so I could knowledgeably inform you, my devoted readers, of the quality. The 'Joe was certainly sloppy - but smokey, sweet and a tad spicy. Perfection. Served on an amazing roll with cheese melted on top. My Spicy Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwich was shit. Pretty awful. Probably one of the worst tuna salad sandwiches that I've ever had in my whole life. I rarely give awful reviews, but this was bad.
1. not spicy. dicing up some jalapeno, leaving out the seeds, and mixing it into the tuna only made it crunchy, not spicy. not at all.
2. crap tuna. since its honeys, and they use the best, I would expect a better tunafish. im not totally against canned tuna, but it was like this can wasn't drained all the way. it was soggy. eh.
3. mediocre wheat bread. again, honeys - you use the best of everything - why such crappy bread?
4. though avocado was pureed into the tuna, it was just bland.

all in all, a totally boring sandwich, no flavor. worst part - I was second guessing this as my "final selection" and the waitress encouraged me to order it! damnit, HONEYS, I love you. I will never make the mistake of straying from the tried and true menu items I know and love. Crappy sandwich aside, I still love you - and I'll be back soon :)

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