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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun and more Fun.

Yesterday I taught 7am Yin in Avalon, followed it up with an epic breakfast and coffee, some graphic design work, gave a massage, and then taught my 5:30pm Slow Flow Vinyasa class in Margate. After the class a few of us went out for drinks. Kylee, Col, me and Paisley met some other friends at the Tilton for some Gunniess with Sprite, as well as a {pitiful} game of pool. In bed before midnight. I slept at the house where Ky is house-sitting/dog-sitting and got to cuddle with Lola this morning before I headed to the Zen Den to take one of Ari's incredibly challenging yet totally rewarding classes. It was packed and the energy was there was a very sexy yoga man in the back of the class that made my view from downward dog a pleasure! Left power yoga and stopped to visit my friend Mila at Who's On 1st cafe in OC before giving TWO massages @ Exodus. Amy (the owner) and Vicky (the massage therapist) both received one hour thai massages from me. Headed home, a bit exhausted, enjoyed some food and some family time and now I'm getting ready to head out for my 7:30pm Candlelight Slow Flow Vinyasa!! But the good times are only favorite cuz, TC, is coming up with her boyfriend David. I love the SHIT outta both of them and cannot wait to have a full 3 day weekend with them!!!! YEEEEWWWW!!!

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