not all who wander are lost.

Monday, February 20, 2012


The morning dawns
late night soon follows.
Life transient as dew.
Yet the morning glory
goes on blooming, blooming
it's short complete life.


An excerpt from Osho's "Zen: the Path of Paradox":

Let the phrase sink into you: it's short complete life. Short but complete. The morning glory is loved very much by Zen people, and the reason is that it opens in the morning and by the evening it is gone. In the morning it was there, so beautiful, so authentic, so real, and by the evening the flower has faded, dropped into the earth, ready to disappear. The morning glory is an exact symbol for life. When the morning glory blooms, in that small life, in that short span, it is complete. It is total; it lacks nothing. Those few moments are enough. Eternity is touched.

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