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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Benadryl Hangovers and Birthday Plans

So it's one week until my birthday. 25 years old. Ayeyaya. The last birthday that I celebrated in the US was my 20th, so I'm grateful to be able to celebrate with my family. All my yoga girls have planned some pretty fun stuff for me, actually TWO weekends worth of celebrations, which really touched me. Unfortunately we won't be doing Friday night Yin for the next two weeks though because Little Saigon will be closed for a vacation!!

This is probably for the better- apparently I've developed a food a llergy, and one (of the 7 different things) we ordered set me off. So for the past 36 hours I've been fighting off the itchy hives with Benadryl. I was worried about teaching my Saturday morning powerful vinyasa with the Benadryl hangover I had, but everyone in the circle was amazing and inspired me to push through. It was a great class and a great group of women. I hope that everyone's having a great February :)

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