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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

seals in the surf

Went for a chilly surf today down the north end of ocean city. It made me look forward to my upcoming months in Costa Rica, warm weather and fabulous waves. While I was out today, I saw this black dot out of the corner of my eye -- what I thought to be a fellow surfer, and then it disappeared! Two minutes later it emerged again, a seal!!! A cold-water loving seal - in Ocean City!!! He(or she, not exactly sure) kept popping up every few minutes, checking us out. I bet it was wondering if we were seals as well -- we certainly looked like seals with all of the neoprene on. It was really cute, but I'm glad that there were a few others in the water with me - otherwise I probably would have been a bit scared.

Had some fun little clean waves, and now going to eat a hearty meal. Surfing in the winter, full wetsuit and cold weather, really wipes me out and makes me ravenous.

Stay tuned for Wednesday's Word of the Day!!

Aren't they so cute??


  1. Ummmm, seal burgers at the Callahan's!

  2. you should inform carol slocum of the nj seal study,

    they were eastern harbor seals most likely