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Monday, December 1, 2008

Library Love

I rediscovered the Library the other day, a place that I use to visit all the time as a child to pick up some childrens books and later as a teenager for research projects. For some reason I had the idea in my head that libraries are for old people, little kids, and people doing research.

The Ocean City Library is right next to the Fitness Center (which has lately been my home-away-from-home). The other day I had some time to kill between pilates and yoga so I decided to take a peek around the library...and I'm in LOVE. There were more movies than at Blockbuster, more magazines than every doctors office combined, and obviously books galore! No longer will I rent a movie from Blockbuster for $6 dollars, and then not return it in time and be charged additional late fees. Never again will I show up early to my doctors appointment just so I can flip through the latest USWeekly! For $15 (I'm not an Ocean City resident) I got my fabulous, shiny library card! I read a magazine in the library, then took out a Tom Robbins book and 2 movies (which are $1 a piece, but you can keep them for up to a week!). Wooohooo, I'm in love with the library.

So go ahead, rediscover your local library - they have so much to offer! And a card is FREE in your town!

PS: The two movies that I check out were The Kite Runner and I'm Not There. The Kite Runner was fabulous, amazing, eye-opening. I'm Not There was terrible (and I'm a music-lover) bad that I turned it off half way through - the ONLY time I have EVER done that.

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