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Sunday, August 3, 2014


A good guy is hard to find.
I know, I've been looking for one for a long.ass.time.

And though I have been open to having a partner, I can honestly say that I have been content (for the most part) being single (most days). Over the past few years I was never that impressed with the quality of love, affection, dedication or fidelity that was being given to all of my beautiful goddess girlfriends. But now, I have to acknowledge, that there are some STELLAR men out there that are taking GREAT care of all of the Divine ladies that I love. This morning I went out to breakfast with my darling Daniela and her husband, Drew. He treated all of us ladies like princesses, but you can tell by the way he talks, interacts, and cares for Daniela that she is truly his Queen. My best friend Bridgets husband, John, told her that she should do the month long teacher training in Mexico (despite the fact that they have a 10 month old baby), and that they would go down and figure it out as a family. He watches Isla on Fridays so that we can have "girl time" and always makes sure that his ladies are taken care of. Jimmy Bourgeious is ALWAYS treating his Queen Bee, Eileen, like the goddess that she is....Bill is tender and fierce with his love for Deb, and the list could go on....
Drew treated his ladies to an EPIC breakfast at OC Surf Cafe. 

Drew + his Queen Daneila...and his two other hot dates, me and Jennifer Kirch!! 

In a time when I thought that Chivalry was dead, there are a few men who are stepping up and showering their women with the love, respect and admiration that they deserve. It gives me hope...and makes me feel excited about partnership. Thanks guys for being such GOOD GUYS. 

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