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Friday, November 8, 2013

Oooo Mexico!

We had a late night, and then a very early morning. The early mornings are per usual for me, but I'm not accustomed to staying up too late! I was up and at it by 5:30am and within the hour we were on the beach for yoga . I lead the group through Surya Namaskar as the sun was rising, and then we sat in meditation and closed with the Gayatri mantra. After our practice we drank smoothies, had some breakfast and then we hit the trails! We hiked for three hours until we hit the pools. It was a long, challenging hike- but it was SO much fun and the swim at the top was way worth it. I can't quite describe the natural outdoor waterpark,and I was having too much fun to take pictures, so you'll just have to trust me. After our swim we ate the healthy and delicious lunch we'd packed and then made the three hour hike home. We relaxed by the pool, which is on the beach, overlooking the mountains...chatting and reminiscing about the past week. Unanimous decision: life-changing yoga retreat. So grateful to Nina for bringing me on board and allowing me to live my Sva Dharma by being a part of HER Sva Dharma. Life is good.

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