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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Special Delivery.

Special Delivery yesterday...a very large, very heavy package from my best friend Julia. The contents: lots of deeeeelicious wine!! But the most exciting delivery comes tomorrow....I'll be picking Julisa up at the Philadelphia airport around lunchtime!! Bah! I called Jules about two weeks ago and simply said, "I need you, Jules". Despite an insane work schedule (she pretty much runs the amazing Sicilian restaurant, La Medusa, in Seattle-- and she's also the sommelier), she booked a ticket and here she comes. I'm forever grateful to whoever is picking up Julies shifts for her, forever grateful. I've said it before- when you're sick, no matter Where you are, no matter how Old you are- you want your mother. The comfort and safety of your mother. Well, when you are sad and trying to get through something difficult, you want your best friend. As much as I (need and) appreciate the love and support of all of those around me- there is nothing better than my Julia. Someone that I don't need to talk to, but someone that I can just sit with. I can't wait to hold her hand, to sit on the couch and watch Twilight (one, two, AND three!), and to drink obscene amounts of fantastic wine. I can't wait for my extra special delivery!!

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