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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lazy Girls Luxury for Less.

I am lazy when it comes to beauty maintenance. To scrub, buff, polish, moisturize, is just too much for this gal. A few months before setting out for Asia I discovered the beauty of WAXING! Get this done once every 3 weeks and there is no need to ever use a razor again!! Hooray!! In the beginning I just waxed my bikini line, but once in Cambodia I started doing my underarms. Amazing. Everytime I shave my armpits they have 5oclock shadow about 30minutes later. Wax em and they are golden for weeks!! I went in today to get them done ($3) and figured that for $2 I would get my eyebrows done as well. They didn't seem too bad to me- but I'd never had them done, and I hadn't touched a pair of tweezers in atleast a month. Well goddamn! I look like a new woman! For $5 I got underarms and eyebrows, and was in the chair for a full half hour. This wasn't a wham, bam job....there was alot of TLC that went into it! Next addition to the wax card is my LEGS, cause lord knows that I don't shave them that often either. I followed up my wax sess with a Deeeelicious plate of fresh pad Thai. For $1 I got a sprin roll with some epic vegetarian pad Thai with egg. Yum!

I'm smiling from ear to ear now as I'm typing this up in the cab (on my way to the Indonesian Embassy), and I gotta admit- I have a really good life.

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