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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bruised Bums + Change of Plans

So about a year ago I arrived at a crossroads with my blog; I could keep it tame and reader friendly or I could just tell it like it is. Well, honesty and is the best policy- and for this reason, my friends and fellow readers, is why you get intimate details about what concerns me- even if the subject may be the current state of my bowel movements. This is why I cuss when I feel it necessary and this is why you are looking at a picture of my large bruised bum. Let me tell you something- this bruise is waaaay more painful than it looks. I acquired this lovely piece while in Kratie well over a week ago- completely sober, slipped down the dang stairs. I'm lucky to be alive!! Hours sitting on a bus and hours of trekking with my backpack hitting it with every step have only added to the pain and the deep purple tones. Anywho- each day my travel partner Gillian and I become closer and closer. First, it was poo. Then I had to check her hair for lice. Then she bandaged up my dirty, disgusting, blistered feet. Then she checked ME for lice (forunately I had none). Then we checked one another for ticks (and unfortunately found some). And tonight, she took a picture of my bruised bum for me. Oh, it has been an interesting and exciting journey. And now we are REALLY in for some life changing adventure- that's right, another change of plans. We were all paid up- bus tickets were purchased- bags were...not packed, but the intention was there, and we were lining up our hostel in Phnom Penh. As we were walking out of Tree Tops to head for some dinner, Gillian struck up a conversation with a guy from England- who joined us to dinner. Well, I guess I should say that WE joined HIM...the place that we were headed to was owned by his very good friend, and his old neighbor. In fact, Chris was currently living in Tree Tops and has been in Cambodia for the past five years. A handsome, charming man around about in his 50's...he's set up his own NGO, building schools and providing education for thousands of Cambodian children. There is SO much more to who he is and what he does, but that requires a very long blog all it's own, and one that doesn't share the same space as a picture of my bum. Him and Gilly hit it off (it's her dream to spend time doing voluntary work, specifically concerning education or conservation- both of which she has extensive knowledge of). So Chris says, "do you really have to head to phnom penh tomorrow?? Cause if you'd like you can come along with me for the day. Im heading to one of the villages I'm working on, and I think you'd enjoy it." Well how the hell do you say no to an offer like that?! He called up Mr.T at Tree Tops and reserved our room and canceled our bus tickets. He's meeting us at 6:45am to take us to breakfast followed by a day in this village- a village that has NEVER seen a tourist. Holy Christ. I am a lucky, lucky girl. My spa day in Phnom Penh will just have to wait a bit longer....

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