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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soda Mary speakin'...Swahili??

Soda Mary is where I stayed for half of my trip this winter in Costa. I'm sure most of my readers are well aware of this. It is owned by Adam and Les McConnell and Brett aka LAGARTO. After my first week at the Soda, Brett came up to me and asked what I was doing on the computer for over an hour every day...and I replied "blogging!". Ha. I gave him a brief introduction and soon thereafter he had one of his own. Since January I have not missed one blog. They all make me laugh til I parents check it every day as well as some other friends of mine, all of whom have never been to the Soda and have never met Lagarto. Brett is as sweet as sweet can be. He drinks beer like its water and he loves the Soda, and the whole crew..."family" that passes through there. I've mentioned it before, but for those of you who blew it off - you're totally blowing it.

Welcome to Soda Mary, a family of surfers located in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica, about 20k south of Jaco on the central pacific coast. We have 4 cabinas for rent to traveling surfers, $10 per night per person, includes community kitchen (wash your dishes before you go surf), laundry and internet. Board rentals are $20 per day, surf lessons $50. Once you become a member of Soda Mary Surf Team, it's like the mob, you can't get out. We surf every day, the gentle waves out front. From the kind right of jailhouse, little reef, lowtide, escuelas and lecheria. When it gets small, we got the beach breaks covered with Bejuco, Este and Centro. People ask, who is Mary? Well she's the mother of Jesus. We offer ding repair and tours, let's go to the waterfall. We host a ton of live music, bring your guitar. Most important, Enjoy Life. Surf Well. Praise God. Pura Vida!

Here is a bit about the author of, Brett:

Also known as Lagarto, Brett is 41, surfs every day, originally from Houston Texas, checked out of the rat race at 35 after a nice career in advertising, now gives surf lessons to tourists, surf rentals, ding repair, tour office, real estate, property management and drinking beer. Not necessarily in that order. Come on down and check out Soda Mary, we got a nice gentle wave here. Pura Vida!

Brett, wearing the precautions.

Here is one of Brett's Blog's...explaining the lingo that he uses...

Well ever body axin me say hey Brett, I caints undastands dat blog you writin but the pitchers sho is pretty, what the hell kinda language you writin in bra? Well I tell dem, cuz every blog got to start out with the word "Well", cus dat how you start out your blog man, well we went surfin today and dranks some beers, but I digest. Any ways, backs to my point, we writin da blog in a higher level where only certain folks can understand, you understand? well den you are part of the higher level tinkers man. Dis language part of new invention and we calls it "Southern Swahili" cuz it really gets hot der in da south of Swahili. Dis is a mixture of multiple languages and cultures, start out with Southeast Houston Texas, mix in some Mexican Spanish hey vato! bring in da Carribean pigeon ting ting mon, you like dem crawfish, well den mix in some Cajun spice from my paw paw, gotta throw in some Hawaiin, hey you fuckin Haole! and bra bra bra, move it down south to Central America, and Bam! You got Southern Swahili...don't axe no mo questions cuz you may not unda stand...

if you arent reading this blog, then you just arent cool.


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