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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Opening Day Flounder Season 2009

Dad and I weighing in our monster fluke....
I beat him. By 5/8 lb and 1/4 inch!!

This blog is titled Nose Walkin' and Trash Talkin' but I realize that I've been slacking on the trash talking lately!!! I'm sorry if I've let you down! Well what better time to amp up the trash talking then FLOUNDER SEASON. My dad and I take the trash talk to a whole new level. I guess that you could say that him and I are just a tad bit competitive.... ha. I guess that I can't talk too much garbage because my dad, the KING of the Ocean and CERTAINLY the Back Bay taught me all that I know about fishing. His knowledge of the sea is endless. Infinite. He's instilled a ton of knowledge and respect into me...and with that said, I f*in SMOKED his ass yesterday in opening day of flounder season!!! The boat had 6 keeper flounder: Shawn had 1, his childhood buddy, Josh who is visiting from Florida had one, I had two and dad had two. Every year the limit gets more and This year the flounder has to be 18 inches to keep! That's the size of a doormat. We caught about 50 throw backs, me leading the pack with about 25 {I have the magic touch..the flounders and I are one}. Josh had the first keeper, then Dad, then Shawn. I was getting worried...after all, I'm the Queen of the Back Bay and I need to defend my title. But not to worry, on the next drift I pulled a monster outta the water...followed by another two drifts later that was even bigger. On our way to the dock to weigh in don't ya know that Dad pulls up a big guy which left me with a little sweat on my brow...though once we got to the Whale Creek Marina it turns out that the Queen won...beating him by 5/8 of a pound and a 1/4 inch!!

Fast forward to later that night when I'm stuck waitressing on a bunch of shoobies at Mildreds and everyone is at my parents house having a fish fry. I was waiting on a rude table, just had it out with one of the bus kids, whacked my knee and was super stressed by the madness of a Saturday night..literally ready to lose my shit and burst into tears, then Jan Hollinger walked in through the hordes of customers waiting for a table and presented me with my trophy. Glorious. Victory! What a wonderful day...and don't worry Snapper, I'll let you win next time...

Captain Paul...scrambling to catch a fish bigger than mine.

Bradenton Boys and their sissy flounders.

Opening Day's catch {josh is holding one of my flounder}

Snapper, cleanin up the fish for a fish fry supper

My 2nd Place Trophy: see it and weep, snapper!


  1. im glad to hear all the sh*t talking is back!! cant wait to get up there and give you a run for your money on that trash talking!!!

  2. you sprung from my loins...ha ha glad YOU beat me...i love ya....your ass is mine next time tho, so be ready

  3. Had a great time with Pappa and Baby Girl Callahan in the back bay, even with all the trash talking. Thanks for sharing opening day flounder season 2009 with this FL Boy. See you soon.