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Monday, May 25, 2009

Arroz con Camarones

MmMmMm, Shrimp and of my favorite things to eat when I'm in Costa Rica. Soda Nanyoa in Dominical makes the best, but I decided to give it a shot here at home on my own. This super limited Candida healing diet that I am on is super duper limiting, but I can have shrimp and a little bit of rice, so a big 'hooray' for that. I whipped this dish up in just a few minutes and it was delicious!! I've been making it every day now and having it for lunch. I thought that I would share the easy recipe with you...

Arroz con Camarones:

1-2 cups cooked rice {i prefer jasmine brown rice}
1 cup cooked shrimp {cleaned and de-shelled, cut in half or in quarters}
1 small yellow/vidalia onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, diced
2 tablespoons curry powder
1.5 tablespoons salt
handful of cilantro
pat of butter
bit of olive oil
2 heaping tablespoons of homemade salsa {or store bought pico de gallo}
juice of 1 lime

Pour a bit of olive oil into the pan and throw in your diced garlic and onions. Let them sautee for a bit before adding in your cooked rice and shrimp. Season with curry powder, salt, and cilantro. Finish off by throwing a pat of butter in the pan, squeezing the juice of one lime on top and mixing in two heaping tablespoons of salsa {preferably homemade}.

My arroz con camarones might be delicious, but nobody makes it like Soda Nanyoa! My last day in Costa with Mr.Aoynan and his brother, two of my favorite guys! Pat will endorse their Papaya con Leche's as well...she usually orders two.....

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