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Monday, April 16, 2012

SD Photo Journal 3

Last night we had a delicious dinner at Grays house on the sea bluff. Woke up this morning, cuddled with Jak and Bri for a bit and then the three of us grabbed Rachael and we all headed to Java Hut for some deeeelicious caffeinated beverages. Picked up my board and wetsuit (I had left them out here last year at my friend Liz's house) and then had a surf at Pipes in Cardiff. It felt super odd to be back in the water...I haven't surfed since December!! But after a few waves I found my groove and was stoked to be back! I will say though, wetsuits fucking suck. Ugh. After surf we stopped at the magnificent Seaside Market and picked up some goodies for lunch, including El Napilito roasted salsa and tortilla chips!! SO GOOD. Alas, after THIS much fun we all snuck in a short nap. Now it's 2pm and the fun is really just getting started...

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